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Our Forms


If you're interested in becoming a new client or you wish to update your current records, print and fill out the Client Registration Form and bring it with you at your next visit.

Do you have a new puppy/dog?
Fill out this form prior to your puppy's/dog's first visit to the veterinarian.


Do you have a new kitten/cat?
Fill out this form prior to your kitten's/cat's first visit to the veterinarian.


Notice to Dog Owners:
The Doctor at Woodside Veterinary Clinic have always believed that an informed pet owner is a good pet owner. In that spirit, we would like to share with our clients some facts about Leptospirosis or "Lepto"...
Click here to learn more about Lepto and suggestions for prevention.

Notice to Cat Owners:
Recent University and Industry sponsored studies have shown a clear relationship between the use of Feline Leukemia, Rabies and Distemper virus vaccines and the development of cancerous tumors (Fibrosarcoma) at the site where the vaccine was administered...
Click here to learn more about Fibrosarcoma and suggestions for prevention.

Appointment Policy:
To guarantee the best service for all who bring their animals in for appointments, we ask that you adhere to our appointment policy.
Click here to read our policy. 

Treatment Release Form:
If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, you may drop your pet off at an earlier time during the day. Just complete the attached form and either E-mail it, FAX it (650-364-9820) or bring it with you when you drop off your pet at our clinic. This option is for established clients only (6 months or longer).
Click here to view and print the Treatment Release Form.

Provide for your pet in case of an emergency:
If you are going out of town and leaving your pet(s) with a care provider, it's a good idea to authorize treatment for your pet if the need for medical attention should arise while you're away. Complete the attached form and either FAX it (650-364-9820), leave it with your pet care provider or drop it off at our clinic.
Click here to view and print the Authorization Form.


Links and Resources
Established in 1933 by leaders in the veterinary profession, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)is the only organization that accredits animal hospitals throughout the U.S. & Canada. Click the link above to learn more about AHAA.
Visit Cornell University's Partners in Animal Health website to see a video on how to brush your cat's teeth.
Lists 2,000 dog-friendly parks across the Unites States and Canada and suggests relevant books. Many of them include links to official park sites, where you can find information as to whether dogs are allowed off-leash.
Site lists lodging that focuses on condos, cabins and private homes that allow all pets unless otherwise stated. Each listing tells you the local activities near the property and the amenities available for you and your pet.
Pet-friendly hotels, destination reviews and other resources that talk about pets as if they're children, including which toys to bring on a trip.
Worldwide PetFriendly lodging info and bookings. Best for its comprehensive info on immigration laws and pet-friendly restaurant listings.
Excellent listings on a variety of pet-friendly accommodations, info on international travel and trips dealing with emergencies. The message board users seem to post solid advice.
They solve an array of wildlife problems, including trapping animals in home and office settings. They ensure that only environmentally sound solutions and humane animal removal techniques are used for all animal control, animal damage control and nuisance wildlife removal problems.


 The Animal Rescue Site