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The doctors at Woodside have many years of experience, training and knowledge to offer you. But our shared special interest is the health of your pet. Our hospital is up to date with two digital radiography units, as well two dental suites, a surgical suite, an ultrasound machine and monitoring equipment for blood pressure and anesthesia to name just a few of our tools. Our hope is to offer you the most modern up to date care, but with the gentleness and compassion that you would expect for yourself and your pet.

We feel that the best way that we can help keep your pet healthy is with an annual examination. During that exam we will ask you questions that your pet cannot answer, then proceed to examine your pet from head to tail. It is our job to discuss with you our findings and then to work with you to make any changes your pet needs.

The two most important ways to prevent disease and pain in our pets is to keep their weight normal (to avoid arthritis or diabetes)and keep their mouths and teeth healthy. We can counsel you on weight loss and devise a diet plan if you wish and help you with monitoring the weight. We can even go so far as to prescribe diet medication if needed!

For additional information on dental health, please see our Dentistry Section.

Vaccines are also important, but not every dog or cat needs every vaccine available. So during our visit we will discuss what exposure risks your pet has so that we can vaccinate adequately. Over-vaccination has its own risks, not merely to your pocketbook but to the health of your pet.

Our patients often hide early symptoms of disease so it is very important for us doctors to discover this for you. Cats are notorious in this respect and it is not unusual for an older kitty to lose weight so gradually that the owner is not aware that something is wrong until there is a 25% weight loss or more. We strive to prevent this from happening!

When you do bring us your sick pet we will ask you for a thorough history – please do tell us everything that you feel is pertinent. After our exam we will discuss with you in detail what tests are needed to make a diagnosis. But in all cases we want to do what you feel is reasonable, and that varies from owner to owner. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have about any procedures. If your pet needs urgent treatment or hospitalization, we do encourage you to visit immediately. In such a case, if you can call us before you leave home, we will be able to be better prepared for your arrival – so please call if you can.

We are lucky here in the Bay Area to have the services of Dr. Bill Rivers, our board certified radiologist. We have him review all of our x rays and he travels to our office to perform ultrasound studies. We also enjoy having Dr. Richard Kienle come to the office to do cardiac ultrasounds and consult with him on many different heart diseases in dogs and cats.

Our medical staff and resources at Woodside Veterinary Clinic have been carefully selected to ensure the very best for your pet!