Woodside Veterinary Clinic

The Kitties

of Woodside Veterinary Clinic



I have been living at Woodside and working as a blood donor for 10 years now.

I was pretty feisty but have calmed down. You usually see me sleeping on the paper printer and greeting everyone.

I would like to retire to a nice home. I tolerate dogs well but am too old to play with rambunctious Whiskers.


I was found in a backyard and taken care for a year. I probably should have been named "Toes" because I have so many of them.

Unfortunately, when two of them became infected my owner gave me to Woodside because he wasn't sure how long he would be able to care for me as he was turning 100 that week.

My toes are fixed now and I am available to a loving home. I am a playful and sweet guy.


My name was Mimi and I needed a new home at four months of age because in my playfulness I was scratching my elderly owner and she had difficulty healing.

Luckily one of our wonderful clients had a home for me.  I am so glad that she decided to adopt me.  I am trying my best to behave and help her heal from losing her beloved Persian kitty.


Bogey is the newest four-legged addition to our staff. She was rescued by Dr. Clemens from a golf course.

Even though she had been microchipped, she had never been registered. She is a sweetie, and even sits on owner's laps and gives them hugs.

She has found a great home and lives with Bella now.


I came to Woodside after being found on a nearby street. I was only 4 months old and had very bad diarrhea.

"Spock" took a special liking to me while I was at the clinic. My rescuers named me "Coco Murray Blue Eyes" but it was changed to "Zippy" when Dr. Clemens took me home.

I am also known as "the cool dude" since I get along with all of the cats and Astro, my dog.


Bella has been with us since November 2009, but now she has been adopted by one of our favorite pet owners. She is adjusting well to her new home and feline sibling.

We had lots of fun with her while she was here, hiding in boxes or behind doors to sneak up on us. We miss her greatly, but we are very glad she has found a loving home.


Thank you for asking about me when you come to the clinic. I miss you all, but after 11 years of being a blood donor, I finally get to retire to Dr. Clemens' house. I am Loving it!

I have access to a fenced-in yard where I get to lie in the sun and sometimes I climb a tree. I play with my protege Zippy (who is the number two stray out of three here) and get plenty of tummy rubs, although I do miss yours too. And, I have many great places to sleep when I want to nap. My only mishap is that I broke one of my fangs playing with "The Zipster", but Dr. Clemens saved my tooth with a root canal, so my smile is as good as ever.

So unfortunately, I will not be back to the clinic until I need my check-ups, but I thank all of you for the affection that you gave me over the years.



In loving memory of the kitties who came before: Tom, Sammy and Stevie.